Our customized project services are every bit as flexible as our modular design. We take pride in delivering innovative, functional, modular solutions that are delivered quickly and professionally, with financing available.

Commercial Process

Customer Needs

We take time through onsite client meetings and drone assisted topographical evaluations to understand the client needs and project requirements.


Design & Structure

Using C.A.D. (computer assisted design) and 3D printed scalable modeling, clear efficient tailored solutions are delivered that best aligns with project objectives.


Assessing Components

Once the design and commercial structures are approved, we start consolidating the components and managing the prefabrication of any custom items.


Deliver & Commission

The consolidated components are delivered on site, where they are assembled and commissioned by our technicians.


Support & Maintain

We provide ongoing support and maintenance throughout the term of the operation.


Decommission & Collect

Once the operational term is complete, our technicians will dissemble the components, decommission the project, and organize the return of the components. 



Modular options bring flexibility and precision to projects. Our focus is on creating efficiency by adopting a standardized approach to each component, which allows prefabrication off-site. The result is lower cost, higher quality, and improved safety.
We utilize the latest industry standard Autodesk applications, incorporating Revit, Navisworks, Recap, 3DS Max, including integration with Microsoft Project, Office and Dynamics suites.